Dear Journal ….. entry #1

writing in diary

Dear Journal,

It is Easter break and part of the deal of getting to be in Mrs. Walker’s class is having to write in you daily. That’s okay though I kind of like it. She says she won’t read what I write but just check for new content from where I last left off and just initial each new entry.

So anyway I’m not sure what to write about but here goes…

sailboat in driveway

I met a boy today, at my best friend Laurie’s. He was working on his boat in their driveway. I guess he is or was Laurie’s sister’s Maddie’s old boyfriend. The thing is, Maddie is away at school and will be coming home this summer with her fiance. Jack is waiting to win her back. Laurie’s mom, Mrs T let him work on his boat in their driveway before Maddie dropped the bomb about the fiance. Poor Jack. Poor Mrs. T.

friends sunbathing

Laurie and I spent the day at the beach today. We showered at my house and then went to Laurie’s to spend the night. Mrs. T made her famous lasagna. Jack joined us. He really is very nice and kind of cute. He seemed so sad. I guess Mrs. T broke the news to him about Maddie. Maybe that is why she invited him to stay.  family around a table


He didn’t talk a lot, though he said he’d almost finished working on his boat. I was kind of surprised when  Mrs T suggested that we all go sailing. It really caught me off guard and I didn’t know what to say so I nodded, but Laurie barely missed a beat and said that she got sea-sick after I already said I’d go. Grrrr… Now I have to go without her and with her bratty little brother Matt (who I can’t stand) might I add and his girlfriend.

7 thoughts on “Dear Journal ….. entry #1

    • This was Debbie K’s idea. To start fresh and yes the snippits might attract more real readers than just skimmers. The trick is going to be trying to write at the age I am in this journey. Though the grammatical errors will be easy and more age appropriate since they come naturally 😉 Only a few will catch on and at the risk of feeling like a creeper… a little like the blog that brought you and I together… with all these veins of other personalities (if you know what I mean) this might be therapeutic for me! Always making the effort to find me… as ya know. As for the ones who’ve said that they read… it will be interesting to really know if they do! You my friend… I never doubted! Tell me, did I have you going for a second? 😉

      • Yes you did have me going on the about page. The clues coming in were a little blatant, with Kerri only “liking” certain posts on my blog leaving a trail of bread crumbs.

        If you like you can delete my comments here so that it remains pure and untainted by someone who knows what is really going on here. I actually suggest that you do so.

        I will say that writing about how it is Easter while in reality it is November is rather odd if one is trying to fool the unknowing public. Other than that, it could be totally believable as if the whole thing is really happening in the present. I think you should do it that way.

  1. Jim,
    Hi! I really just went around to some of you guys who have been my cheerleaders all along. I am not out to fool anyone really. I am not out to get anyone to even come here and read. Or follow. I have proven to myself that I can find people to read my ramblings and so will leave that to my other blog. So having said that, I do have to say that I did think about the fact that I understand that it is November as I write about Easter Break. But in my story it all kind of began during Easter Break and Summer and then thought well, I’m really just writing for myself on this blog. I notified the ones I wanted feedback from and that is it. I was just playing with everyone at first to see how astute everyone really was! 😉 But I don’t think I really want to attract too much traffic here.

    Right now, I am just using this (at Debbie’s suggestion) as a way to attack this at another level… & a way to rewrite this from a different persepective. Perhaps it will inspire me to get unstuck.
    The thing is… I read this to a friend at work who really liked my chapters and she liked the book better than the journal idea which was discouraging. So I am not sure what I am doing but i do have to say your gravatar tutorial came in very hand cuz I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and then I thought… Hey I have the answer right in my own blog thanks to you! 😉

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  3. The big comment on this first entry: Since it is a high school girl writing in a journal, the grammar need not be perfect, maybe it intentionally shouldn’t be. This form allows Keri’s journal to have her own voice and style of writing. Dare I say her writing should start relatively poorly and improve throughout the story as if the exercise of writing in a journal actually works?

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