Dear Journal …. entry # 2

Dear Journal,

Well, we went sailing. My dad really wasn’t too happy about it when he came home and I asked him if I could go. He said he saw small craft warnings earlier that morning. I was afraid he wasn’t going to let me go…but I talked him into it. I am not sure why I cared because both Laurie and my dad were not happy at all about me going but Jack looked so sad the other night and seemed happy when I said I’d go. I didn’t want to disappoint him. He’d had enough of that lately.

Anyway there were thirty mile per hour Santa Ana winds and we got tossed around pretty good Matt’s girlfriend Sara got pretty sick and even I kind of felt a little green by the time that we finally made it to dry land. I usually am the one who can ride any ride at any fair without a problem but this was different.

Though Jack was amazing. He knew just what to do. He even found me a pay phone right away! I knew my dad would be worried and he was so sweet to think of that first thing. Mat and Jack got the boat back on the trailer while Sara and I sat in the car with blankets and the heater blasting.

washing boat in dock

Jack talked me into getting out of my wet pants so that they could dry off. He was a complete gentleman. He dropped Matt and Sara off first so that he could take me home last. We talked for about two hours sitting in the driveway. He is so sad about Maddie. I was happy to be there as a friend for him and let him talk as long as he wanted to… that is… until my dad flashed the porch light and I had to go in.

porch light


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