finger in the sand

You trace the sand with your finger

as my heart follows close behind.

I listen to your words and breathe you in

as my soul watches for some kind of sign…

I can’t help wondering if God sent you,

as I  notice your blue eyes.

I breathe in everthing about you,

as I begin to realize…

Ive lost my stable footing

the ground is not so solid after all.

I think I’m slipping into the hole of love

Please….  don’t mind me as I fall!

Keri London



4 thoughts on “Falling

    • Deb,
      Thank you. I am not sure how I missed some of these comments but I am going backwards to just make sure I thank everyone supporting me. Of course I know that you have been here all along and were in fact the inspiration for this very idea but didn’t want to miss saying thank you again!

    • Theresa,
      You have blown me away! I am sooo touched that you have taken the time to follow me here! I know that there are a few here that don’t actually take the time to really read each one and just want to support me by showing up and then there are the ones that I know actually sit here and read them all! I can’t tell you what a gift that is! I mean some of my best friends don’t do that!
      You do know that each comment is like opening up a wrapped present! Thank you so much! And to all come from such a gifted writer yourself makes it even more of an honor that you are reading!
      Thank you!!!!!

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