Keri’s Journal Entry #4

Dear Journal,

Well it is official.  I am not sure what I would call it but Jack told me that he really likes me! Laurie’s not thrilled. I can tell. There is something that she is not saying. As you recall, I told you that Jack was Laurie’s older sister, Maddie’s old boyfriend. So I told her that if she knew something that she thought that I should know to spill it!  But she says there’s nothing. She just keeps telling me to be careful. Maybe she is worried that Jack will take away from our time together but she is getting ready for college and has been so busy lately anyway.


  The other day Jack surprised me by picking me up at school on his motorcycle. He even had an extra helmet waiting for me!  I called my mom and told her I’d be late. I never really lied but I didn’t tell her exactly what I was doing. I liked riding behind him and holding on to him. At first I kept my distance but as we turned corners I held on tighter and he seemed to lean back into me more, so by the end of our ride, I was scooted right up next to him and he didn’t seem to mind at all. That  night we went out just to talk and ended up walking for miles on the beach because the red tide was in and we wanted to see it.  The air was so warm the whole time we were there and we both had shorts on so waded in as deep as we could go without getting too wet as the florescent waves played around us. It was all very romantic.

beach walk

We raced back and I won! I am sure he let me, but we ended up falling down laughing. We layed on the bare sand, still warmed from the day’s sun and talked some more about our dreams and goals and opinions on nothing and everything.  He kept trickling sand on different parts of my body until it was covered and then he’d brush it off. I could tell he wanted more and so did I but he never did more than hold my hand or put his arm around me as we walked.

red tide

We stopped at his place to get his spitfire so he could drive me home in his car and stopped for hamburgers at Bob’s Big Boy before he took me up the hill. We ate our hamburgers and split a chocolate shake. I don’t think any food I’ve eaten has ever tasted quite as good!

chocolate shake


3 thoughts on “Keri’s Journal Entry #4

  1. Great entry, only marred by the phrase, “I told you that Jack was Laurie’s older sister”, in the first paragraph. I’m able to work it out but that should be reworded. That food had never tasted any better, that is good writing in what it conveys and implies.

    • I can see that it might be choppy.
      Thanks for the input. I don’t want you to have to work to understand or have to go back and reread it to have it make sense. So good feedback.
      I am on a roll working on the ending right now but plan on going back and doing a Dr. SEUSS EDIT. Rereading it out loud to myself and considering all suggestion and changing to make it easier to follow. I appreciate your time. 🙂 Thank YOU!

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