Dear Journal My “Catch You Up” post #8

Dear Journal,

I am so sorry that I have not kept up with you lately here. I have been “writing” in my journal for Mrs. Walker’s class but I have not been so good about transferring it here at all. I started off thinking that I’d have time. But I will catch you up since I have folded the pages where I left off with you and will try to enter the days as I can… now let’s see….

diary writer

I left off where Jack and I became official. If that’s what you call it. He said he loved me. Boys have said that to me before but it all seemed so “cute” and I never could say it back, I’d always just say thank you and they always looked so disappointed. But to be honest, I didnt’ want to love anyone for a long time. Or… so I thought. But I said it back because I do  love him. I care about him in a different way than I have ever cared about anyone in my entire life. I mean I love my family and my friends but I guess when you love a boy…


kissss seventies coupld

I mean really L-O-V-E him, he fills up everything in your life.

It seems as if I just go to school and spend the rest of my time with Jack. He lives with his dad in a small apartment in Torrance and works later so we find ourselves alone in his room there a lot.

couple in room

I was always curious about kissing but I have to admit that we do a lot more than that now. He has taught me things that I never even thought of and in some ways I think we are learning together. He swears that he and Maddie only kissed. But that is hard to believe because, well, he just seems a little more experienced than in just kissing.



Anyway, We can’t get enough of each other and it seems as if we are just living every other minute just to get back to where we left off. I feel a throbbing pain until we are together again.  I taste him on my lips and smell him on my skin. I never thought I could love somebody so completely!

Defining Our Love

I breathe you in

and you breath me out,

I feel the rush

as your skin


part of

my finger tips.

Two totally different lives

from totally different paths


And the crash

takes my breath away

Keri London

1974 c


7 thoughts on “Dear Journal My “Catch You Up” post #8

    • Let’s catch up. I’ve missed writing and reading your stuff. You have the makings of a fantastic story. I’m eager to hear your plans for Kerri.

      • Hi Steve!
        I hope that I made what Keri is all about in the ABOUT page clear enough. It is a good experiment! Hey your wife friend requested me! That was nice! I was trying to figure out how I knew her and then saw your sweet face and said… ah ha! lol.

      • Something is seriously wrong with my Facebook. I messed up her user name and my email address and I don’t know how to fix the problems. Also, I’m getting one or two requests every day from one of my email friends saying they want to be friends with me and they already are. When I received the first one I responded “accept” and it took me to a website I had never heard of before. I wondered why someone who was already a friend and contact in my gmail would request to be a friend on another website. Sounds like a scam to me. But now I get at least one a day and I ignore it. I don’t know how to stop it. Marie didn’t send you a friend request. I don’t know how that happened. It must have been something I did when I messed up our Facebook pages info. Sorry about that.

    • Yeah this experiment is good therapy for me. It is a part of the process I guess. I have not been happy with the editing I have done and this has woken up something other than writing in the second person has.
      Thanks for taking the time to always read! It means a lot!

      • Did you get my last reply? I’m hooked! Would you like us to talk about my editing Keri’s Journal for you?

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