#15 Journal Entry Soaring Lessons

Dear Journal,

When Jack and I pulled up to the Glider Port in Lake Elsinore about an hour later, he was ecstatic.  He was so happy and I love seeing him that way. We walked around looking at all the fiberglass planes that they called mosquitoes and watched tow planes pulling up gliders which was a lot different than the radio controlled planes that we saw being manuevered by a control. These planes had no engine! As we watched the planes that pulled the gliders up, it was crazy to realize that no motor was holding them up in the sky but the air and the knowledge of where to fly to find the right kind of air to make them go up. It all made me kind of dizzy!

sailplane fuselage

On our way there Jack told me that he read all about Sail Planes  in a National Geographic when he was just a little boy and that he’d always dreamt of flying in one.  When we got out of the car, his expression was so cute. He looked like a little boy who’d just discovered Santa’s workshop at the North Pole! As I walked around, the planes he went inside the little trailer to get information. When he came back he had two time slots for us to go up.


I was so surprised he got me one too and I have to admit a little nervous. And It was expensive! I told him that it was okay, I would have fun just watching him go up, but he insisted and said that we were “A team!” And that he wouldn’t go if I didn’t. Well, how could I ruin his fun? And I must say that it was so cool! First Jack went up and I thought he was going to burst from the sheer joy he was feeling. When he landed and the pilot popped open the plexiglass top I knew he was sold.

sailplane lessons


He watched as I climbed in and they had to put sand bags in to weigh me down so that the plane would weigh enough. Glen my pilot, explained about how to pull the red knob to release the tow plane’s line and then let me pull it! I watched as the tow plane swooped below us and the instructor showed me how to read the altitude and how to find thermals that would keep us up without an engine. I remembered watching the birds and felt like one. It was so incredible.

sail plane


As we landed, Glen pointed out the chalk landing line and then the line we were to roll out to and let me do it. He said that I was a natural. When we landed, Jack was right there waiting for me and and told me that he’d signed us both up for lessons. I asked him “No Jack” I told him it was too expensive. But he said again, that we were a team and he wouldn’t do it without me.

sailplane open cockpit


On the way home he was so excited. I don’t think that I ever saw him so worked up in a good way. We stopped at a little Drive-In  near Corona and ordered deep friend burritos and rootbeer freezes and talked and laughed all the way home. I was so happy. Summer is just a few weeks away and my mom and little brother Lonnie are going to my grandparent’s in Seattle. I talked my parents into letting me stay home. It is my last summer before I graduate and I wanted to stay home with Jack. Of course I didn’t tell them that.

My cousin Annie has a job this summer working at a photo place and I knew that it would be boring without her. My grandparents sold their dear old home by Lake Washington a couple of years ago and moved to a modular home on Whidbee Island. I cried for days when I’d heard the news. But someday I am going to buy it back! Everyone can just wait and see! Anyway, I am staying home and my dad has a few business trips planned so I will stay at Laurie’s. It’s going to be the best summer ever!

goodbye hug

When we got back home, it was late and I had school the next day so Jack just took me back to my car.We had so much to look forward to. He held me so tight it almost hurt. He kissed me hard. I almost felt as if we were one in that moment. All of our thoughts and plans and dreams and our bodies all seemed to flow together Now when we kiss, I am not sure how to explain it. At times I feel he wants me to be his girlfriend but at other times I feel he just wants to be loved and nurtured in a maternal kind of way, as if he is trying to make me fill all the holes in his life. Sometimes I want to hold on and make all his old pain go away and sometimes I just want to run away myself because he needs so much and it just scares me. Even signing up for all of those lessons seems like a commitment that I’m not sure that I am all that ready for.


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