#16 Bringing His Mom Into The Picture


Dear Journal,

He wants me to meet his mother!! I am not sure what to do. I certainly don’t want to!  This is the woman who I have heard horror stories about. Who has screwed up practically  every semester when he has gone away to college and then when he has come to “help” her she has turned on him and been horrible. And if only you knew all the stories he’s told me about what she did and said to him when he was a little boy! Well, it tears my heart out! My parents would never treat me like that in their worst nightmares. He is like the kid you hear about with the story no one would believe!  I just don’t want to meet her. I am afraid I might tell her what I really think of her!

sad boy crying on porch

I asked him why he wants us to meet and I think he is expecting us to like each other. I already told him that I hated her for how she treated him and he smiled and said he understood but he keeps bringing it up and I am afraid that he is not going to let it go. I have a feeling that he thinks that I might have some kind of magic glue to make things better but I really don’t think that even a miracle is going to fix them.  I really don’t why I have to meet someone who won’t ever care about anyone more that she cares about herself.

mirror and make up


We spend a lot of time studying for our Glider exam now. Jack is trying to solo first but I think that my instructor Glen, is going to have me solo with less flights.  Glen is more competitive than I am. It is so funny. I am not sure, but I don’t think that he really likes Jack. Poor Jack, he gets pretty intense sometimes and so no one really understands him like I do.

After relentless conversations I finally gave in. I took his face in my hands and told him that if it meant that much to him, I would meet his mom.


sad couple in a moment


4 thoughts on “#16 Bringing His Mom Into The Picture

  1. The plot thickens. Jack is trying to inch Keri closer to his Getting her into HIS family circle and HIS circle of influence is a common trait of an abuser. But you know that. What a jerk. Keri is so naive. That’s a good thing story-wise. You’re getting there, Di. Someone said in my Bible study today that isolation is a primary tool of an abuser. I like how you’re building this, Diane. Slowly you’re developing the patterns of abuse. Great story line. You’re doing fantastic. Keep it up.

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