#17 Jack’s Mom

Dear Journal,

I feel kind of funny writing this. I am so confused. I was ready to really hate Jack’s mom. I can’t even write about the things that he said that she’s done to him. Or when he was just a little boy what she would say. I am not even sure how he has turned out to be half as great as he has. Both his parents should not have been parents according to what he has shared with me. Though I love his dad. He is very quiet and has only been kind to me. It is hard to believe that he ever had the kind of temper that Jack talks about. But his mom is a different story. She has destroyed him from the time he was very small. And most recently, he had to leave yet another school to come home for some emergency that his mother seemed to create.

So by the time I’d heard everything, not to mention the memory of the sailing trip that was supposedly provoked by something in Jack’s past that most likely had to do with his mom, I was not the least bit interested in meeting her except perhaps to dump water on her and watch her melt!

melted witch

Having said all that, I must admit I was extremely surprised when I found her quite charming, considering the fact that I was pretty guarded. We picked her up at her office because Jack wanted me to  see her Company. We met her at the back door and Jack took me on a tour while his mom finished up doing what she was doing and then we followed her to her house so that she could change and so that  we could all drive together.

opening door woman

Liz was beautiful and engaging and immediately began asking me all kinds of questions.  . She took us to this great restaurant on top of a hill overlooking the city lights and freeways for dinner. Jack drove us so she ordered a bottle of wine and drank it all herself but seemed to stay in control as she told me how happy she was that Jack finally had found such a wonderful girl. Now how could I hate someone that had such good taste in her son’s girlfriends?


Anyway, we drove Liz home and she insisted that we come in. She showed me Jack’s baby albums and we all laughed at how cute he was. Even Jack seemed to be enjoying his time. We planned to meet for dinner again next week. Liz wants to talk to Jack about helping her out at her oil company downtown. It would mean quitting his job at the gas station and more money. But driving farther each day and working longer hours with his mom which has not always been the best mix. Jack was quiet on the drive home. He caught me looking at him and reached over and squeezed my leg and then grabbed my hand and drove that way the rest of the way home.

holding hands driving


6 thoughts on “#17 Jack’s Mom

  1. Oh so true… Deb…. more than you know… hey wait a minute. You are one I know knows! If I were still in touch with Jack I would send him your book! He’d soooo relate with YOU!!!

  2. I do think so! And oh by the way, you know I follow all your episodes but ironically I don’t get any responses to my comments unless I come back to the post at a later time and catch it there as I did now? Good old technology! 😦

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