#18 Journal Entry Job Changes

writing in diary on bed

Dear Journal,

I finally have a night to myself so I thought that I’d spend some time here with you!

I am not sure what to think. It is all still so good. I mean everything….. Is sooo good! Jack quit his job when his mom offered him a position at her company.  So he is working for her and Richard, his mom’s husband. He is so happy and is making quadruple what he was making at the gas station and the best part is that he has weekends off! Though I do have to admit, I miss those late nights studying up on the racks in his Triumph when he’d work on it’s rear end suspension problems. Which always seems to need working on.

We are spending almost every night going somewhere with  his mom and Richard. Richard has a Jaguar so we end up going in his mom’s Cutlass and Jack ends up driving because they both drink a lot.  I mean a LOT. Jack hates drinking. He says that it runined his childhood. I can tell that it bothers him when they begin ordering more drinks. He looks really uncomfortable after the second round, but since it is usually a work night, we try to cut the nights short. But all and all, Jack seems happy at the oil company and very happy to be getting along with his mom. Richard is teaching him sales and he’s told me that Jack is a natural.

I really like Richard. He is that old school kind of classy guy. You know, like part of the rat pack. It’s hard to explain but when I hear a Frank Sinatra song, I automatically think of Jack’s mom and Richard if that make any sense at all. They like nice things and it is really fun to hang out with them. They laugh a lot and love each other. It is really hard to believe that his mom is that same monster that Jack told me about.


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