#19 Dear Journal “Friends and Beaus”

Dear Journal,

I had to step back a bit. My parents complained that I was out too much on school nights and it was right before final exams. So the last couple of weeks I have stayed home a bit more. I think that it has given both Jack and I time to breathe. It was almost as if we were desperate to be together. But I was feeling suffocated. And though I don’t have a lot of homework this year,  I had to study for my dental and x-ray exams and needed the extra time!

SCROCscroc dental

I graduated from SCROC and passed my Dental XRay State Boards with flying colors which brought my GPA up to above a 3.0 so far! My dad is pretty happy with that!  I  have a few Finals that I still need to study for but thanks to you, I have an A in English! It was really a silly little graduation but they did have a ceremony at SCROC. They’d laid out all the intruments that we had to know so that everyone would see what we’d learned.  My dad was out of town and I thought that Jack was working, and my mom, well she just doesn’t come to stuff like that. So I was so surprised to see Jack there with my mom and he’d brought me a bouquet of roses! I was so touched and  even though  my mom had to go pick up Lonnie right afterwards,  it meant a lot that she’d shown up and I know Jack had arranged it.  He took me out for dinner to celebrate and told me how proud he was and how he couldn’t have rememebered all those intruments and how smart I was. He is so funny and I am so in love!

dozen roses

Now that I have afternoons free until the end of this school year, his mom has offered me a summer job since I can’t work at a Dental office until I turn 18 so my parents said yes and it helped seal the deal of me really not going to Seattle this year. So I will leave school right before lunch time and meet Jack for lunch and then go back and work with him for about four more hours until the end of school and then I will work four days a week during the summer. I will just file and help with the billing. It is like a gas station for the big riggers. They have accounts with some big trucking companies and Jack’s job is to bring in new accounts, which he already has! My job will be to to be in charge of their key lock system where each driver has a key for a diesel pump and I am supposed to go out and read the meters once a week and bill them for however much they use. It will all work out since my mom will be leaving soon for the summer and won’t need her car. In the mean time, I can be earning money for my own car and my dad said he’d match whatever I earned and he seemed pleased that I decided to work after all, since he’d given me one last summer before I had to get a job.



I was so excited I couldn’t wait to tell Laurie but when I did I was kind of surprised that  she seemed pretty furious with me. She reminded me that she was graduating this year and that we’d decided that this was going to be our last free summer to be kids together without any responsibilities and how we’d both decided not to look for jobs. I knew we’d talked about that last summer but that was a whole year ago and I didn’t even know that I was not going to have to go to Seattle until just a few days ago.  I can’t believe how selfish she is being.

friends sitting talking

 I am getting a little weary, being pulled in different directions by both Jack and Laurie. They seem to be playing me against each other and I hate it. Neither one likes the other very much and it is hard because I love them both! I don’t want to ruin Laurie’s summer but I really do need a car! And with my extra credits from SCROC and work experience from this summer, and this English class, I found out that I can graduate  even earlier than I planned to next January if I want! And without Laurie graduating this year and not going to be there anymore, you’d think that she’d understand my side of things.

The other day she got really mad when I told her about my job with Jack’s mom and I felt she wanted to tell me something. She almost slipped and then just said never mind. But I am curious if she knows more about what caused Jack and Maddie to break up. He said it was because of his mom and how she’d called him home and how she messed up another year before that and done the same thing. But then I remember when he was telling me how his temper “always” messed things up, that night after sailing. I never told Maddie about it because she already doesn’t like Jack.  And I don’t want to bring it up to Jack because I just don’t. And so I don’t know if Maddie is just mad at me and wanted to take it out on Jack or if there is something that she knows that I don’t?


5 thoughts on “#19 Dear Journal “Friends and Beaus”

  1. Good post! Sometimes, you just have to do what you think is best for you. (my opinion) You can try to explain it to friends or beaus, and they will decide to be supportive or not. Don’t alter your dreams just to please a friend or boy-friend. It is great that you passed that test…. and once you’re old enough, if you can get even a part time job in a dental clinic, it will be good. I think the schools look at what you do with your spare time. I know my daughter wanted to get her Nurse Practioner degree (like a Physician’s Assistant PA. but they make more and are really like a General practice Dr.) and she worked in hospitals doing all kinds of different jobs, but when she applied to Medical School, they looked at all that. Her husband finished his Dental Degree and worked for a year, but just got accepted into the Pediatric Dental program. It’s very difficult to get in to also. ISounds like you’ve got a great start and have chosen to go after a job that will almost always need people for. Good luck!

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