You fill a room so full

that I can’t breathe,

You make me feel your need

so I can’t leave.


I try to catch my breath

and gasp for air,

you are my oxygen

no longer there.

I feel like a game piece

folded pagesssssss

just being played,

an unread book not  sure

I’m glad I stayed.

game pieces

And then you come in

and mess up the game,

and nothing inside

is ever the same.

I’m not sure I like

the way that you play…

doorway kiss

And yet I know

I’ve decided to stay.

Keri London

1974 c


6 thoughts on “STAYING

    • Theresa,
      What does someone say to that? Thank you doesn’t seem enough.
      It is as if you are holding me up by inspiration alone.
      I have to say it… thank you. (though it doesn’t seem enough.)

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