A Poem About Anger

I Fell In Love With Your Pain

hugging couple in the rain

I think in the beginning

Maybe just a little…

 I fell in love with your pain


I wanted to hold you inside

 and let you in

to gather you up

 kissing standing up

and help you let go

And now did you know

that you spit a little

arguing couple

when you yell?

Keri London


7 thoughts on “A Poem About Anger

  1. Unfortunately this poem can be right from my own life. Very well put, and it helped me with something I have been struggling with. Thank you, Keri. And thank you for the follow on Petals Unfolding! Love, Amy

    • Oh Amy,
      I am so glad that some of my experience could help empower you but I am so sorry that you can relate to it so well.
      I love your blog! I look forward to our journey together as we continue to write!

    • Thanks Louise,
      I am trying to get to the point where I connect the subtle way we find ourselves in the stages of denial…. falling in love, never even noticing the red flags even though they are blatantly there and then recognizing them but ignoring them, and then finally getting to the place where they can’t be ignored but we still stay for some crazy reason.
      Thanks for taking the time to read.
      😉 aka di

    • Susan,
      Thank you so much for sharing. I love it when someone can relate. It makes me feel that my message is worth sharing! But at the same time… I am so sorry that we all relate to this. I feel that if we somehow can all share our stories, we are empowered! When I was in the throws of of all this. I felt that I was the only one experiencing it.
      Thank you for your time!

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