#29 On my own


Dear Journal,

It’s been a while since I handed in my last Journal entry to Mrs. Walker but for some reason I am still writing in you. I think that she would be pleased to know that I didn’t quit after she gave me my last A! So I bet when I titled this “On my own” you might have thought that meant Jack and I were no longer together but it is just the opposite and so much has happened.

for rent

We’ve been looking for a place to rent for a while now and trying to fit soaring in, on top of everything else. We both soloed and Jack took home movies of my whole flight.

sail plane tow

Later we showed my dad who had not been very happy about me doing it at all but when he saw the movies he went down to see what it was all about with Jack and me and signed up for lessons. It makes me so happy because he is a workaholic and the people at the glider port are so nice and will be good for him.

I also have signed up for some modeling classes at a school and my mom said that they would pay for half and Jack said that he’d pay for  the other half for my birthday! I am so excited. The classes are every Friday afternoon which I have off from both work and school and still have time to bring Jack  “dinner” on Friday nights. He really was supportive about it. I have learned make up and runway and now we are working on the commericial classes. I have three left and will be done. The school has an agency and they said that if I get pictures and a portfolio they know that they can get me work.


Jack has been so sweet and supportive and it is so funny whenever I drive anywhere he says it turns him on that I can drive a stick shift and that he knows that I can do anything  now that he knows that I taught myself. I told him that he gave me the basics and I just took it from there. I am going away for a week at the end of June with Kathy and our class to summer camp. I can’t wait. Jack wasn’t happy at all when I first told him but he has come around and is going to take me to school the morning that we leave and then pick me up when we come home. The school has Sunshine Coaches that the Variety Club donated to us that we will be driving up there in, and we need to be there by 6AM on that Monday morning and will be back Saturday afternoon.

sunshine coach2

I told Jack that I could just drive myself and leave my car at the school but he insisted that he drop me off and seemed a little hurt thinking that I didn’t want him to bring me. I told him that I just wanted to save him having to get up so early because after all, it is almost an hour away to just get to the school so he is going to have to get up super early but he said that I even suggested that he wouldn’t take me hurt his feelings, so I didn’t argue. I am just happy we didn’t get into a fight over any of it. But I kind of have a feeling that he really doesn’t want me to go.

sad man silloette


5 thoughts on “#29 On my own

  1. I think we have lived parallel lives!! I also went to a modeling school (it is a hoot to look at that portfolio) and a little later in life I went to school for Speech-Language Pathology! Not to mention the “bad” things. Thanks for taking us on your journey. Have a super Sunday! Lorrie

    • ((((Lorrie))))
      That is so funny! I think that I tend to migrate and become friends with people that I can releate to. I am not sure what I am trying to do here. In the end, I just want to show how as young girls and even as supposedly wise well lived women, we can find ourselves in painful situations that we may never have imagined. Through no fault of our own except for just not seeing the red flags. I think my need for affirmation and a little bit of codependence mixed in with a guy that really was not a monster but had a lot of issues that I didn’t know how to deal with in my inexperience. And that through telling my story, I may be able to touch one young girl and help her realize that she has the power to not allow the abuse, all along!!!

      • Amen! And like you said that we as women need to be reminded as well. Keep telling your story. In a world where everyone is really just doing the best that they can, sometimes bad things happen. It is how we deal with the bad that counts. Blessitude

  2. Aren’t you just the Jill of all trades! It doesn’t surprise me that “Keri” wanted to be a model! Also glad Keri went on that trip…or at least, I hope she did and I’m sure possessive Jack didn’t like it one bit. 🙂

  3. I want to thank everyone for following and LIKING my ABOUT page! And for all of the comments! It is a slow process but I am so blown away by all of the support.
    I am inspired!

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