Dear Journal,

Now that we have our house, I don’t go meet Jack at work at night much anymore and he complained about it last week. So I took a night off from school and brought a bucket of chicken and surprised him. He was so happy and I was glad that I did it. We used to lock the door and mess around on a blanket on the floor in the room filled with disk drives but we have a whole house for that now. And I was always so nervous about someone walking in. Even though he’s been there now for over a year and no one ever has, it still worries me. But I brought the blanket and he was joking with me asking me why I’d brought it. And I told him it was for our picnic and he looked disappointed until I laid my head in his lap and took a bite of my drumstick and started teasing him until he grabbed me laughing and it felt like old times. It was kind of exciting.  Even though we both have no complaints, I am glad that I went.  We were becoming like an old married couple and it seemed to make him so happy.

kissing black and white

Jack has not spoken to his mother since he quit or she told him not to ever come back. I am not sure what happened. But he seemed determined to not speak to her ever again. Though she’s drunk dialed me a few times. Once my dad peeked in after midnight to see who had called so late because he said that any call after nine PM is bad news. But has not gotten up since, when she’s called. I guess he figures that it’s just Liz. He’s complained though because the phone is right by his ear in their room. I pick it up as soon as I hear it. Jarred out of a dead sleep. I haven’t told Jack that she’s been calling because it would just cause problems and he seems so happy lately. But I know that it is bothering him that he’s  had another rift with his mom and that he is worried about her. I know that I am eventually going to have to tell him about the calls because I don’t know if they will stop without his help. I feel so bad, I just want to protect him and make everything okay for him. But I have a horrible feeling that things are going to get worse before they get better.




4 thoughts on “#37

  1. Ahhh Louise, The younger version of me wishes she had the older version of you in her life back then. Whatever age, I am sure we would have been friends. Floundering around stuck in our places. I am so blessed to have you in my life now as we journey in much better places! But if we’d bumped into each other back then, no doubt we sould have been good friends!

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