Dear Journal

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Jack and I spent every minute together and everything was so perfect. He had to have his wisdom teeth out last weekend. I’d had mine out a few months earlier and it was horrible so I told him that he could come to my house. Since my parents would NOT have been cool with me spending the night when obviously he was in no mood to mess around but I think he liked the attention. My mom filled up the ice packs she’d bought for me and kept them rotating and I made soup and soft food for him. He was so grateful.

Lori was home for Thanksgiving. She brought a boy home. And we all went out together. I think she’s realized that Jack and I, well… we are staying together and so she even was nicer to Jack. We had fun. We saw Jaws and laughed at the guys because I think they jumped higher than we did every time that dumb fish jumped out of the water. We invited them over for a BBQ one day during the weekend because it was like summer and Jack barbecued steaks and corn on the cobs right on the grill and I made a salad and then Jack had an old turquoise wooden ice cream maker and we made peach icecream. It really did feel just like summer!

But soon enough, we were back to work and school. I have been taking twelve units and it has really been a lot with work and school. I have finals coming up before Christmas break and I have been going to the library to study. Jack has tried to be understanding but it has been hard not seeing each other. I just need too many books and would have to lug a stack home for each report I have to write. Luckily since I work at a school I will have a break from both work and school and I am reeeeeally looking forward to that! Except that Jack has started talking to  his mom again and he wants to figure out a way to spend Christmas with her too. I am worried because of all his stories about past holidays. But it’s not fair only wanting to be with my family. Right? Anyway, back to studying!

book pile




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