#56 The Way Christmas is Supposed to Be.


Dear Journal,

Christmas was quiet this year. His dad loved his watch which we gave him during the day on Christmas Eve. He gave Jack money and me a wonderful book of poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.. I was so touched that he’d remembered that I liked to write poetry and that she was supposed to be my ancestor.  We did Christmas Eve at our house as we always do and then on Christmas morning I got up really early to go to Jack’s to make him a Christmas breakfast. I told him that it would be our tradition in all the years to come.


 When I woke him up with a cup of coffee, he grabbed me and pushed me into bed with him. He felt warm and his mood was sweet so I set the coffee down and climbed in bed with him.

hugging lying downcouple in bed

 It was a nice beginning to the day. Then Jack hopped up and brought me a gift in bed. It was  the softest robe I’d ever felt and I put it on and finished breakfast and opening presents wearing just that.

sad couple in a moment

Jack spoiled me this year as always. He got me a cassette player for my car and told me that he would install it. I am so lucky that he is so handy. I bought him a new bedspread and some clothes and at the last minute I found  him a poster first and then a stuffed Tigger. He fell in love with him when we saw the Winnie The Pooh movie at the Drive In with another feature we wanted to see. At first when we heard that one of the movies was going to be a cartoon, we almost didn’t go!  But we ended up loving it. And after seeing it Jack always says ttfn when he says good bye cuz he said he doesn’t like to say “goodbye”. You know ttfn, means ta ta for now. He said he relates to Tigger’s character and he laughed so hard when he opened that gift and saw him. When we made his bed, he put on the new bedspread and then ran to get his stuffed Tigger  and put him on top of it. It was cute.

Tigger dancing

I brought a basket of cookies over to Jess and Louise and a toy for Mopsy from Jack and I and he made them a plaque for their house. He’d taken a picture of them sitting on the porch of their house and then shlacked it onto a piece of wood and burnt the edges and stained it. They thought that it was so thoughtful and Jess seemed really impressed. Jack had shown him what he was doing with posters but you could tell that they were both pretty touched by the gift since they were planning on moving and said that they would always treasure it.  Louise  gave me a wonderful recipe box filled with all of her wonderful recipes she has been teaching me to make. Jess gave Jack some tool for his shed that he seemed to really appreciate.

Christmas tree tinsel


I stayed till late that night because Jack decided to put my stereo in and it took a few hours longer than I think he was counting on. But it works perfectly. We ended up snuggling up at the end of the night under the Christmas tree staring up at the lights, talking about our future. It was perfect.




Jack had surprised me. When I started the car. He’d put a BREAD cassette in my player and put the song on Baby I’m A Want You. I listened to it all the way home.  I love him so much! It was the best Christmas ever. Just how Christmas is supposed to be.




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