Dear Journal #55 Life Goes On


Dear Journal,

Jess and Louise have been talking about going on another trip to Misourri soon but they said that they are waiting for the economy to do something. But it would be nice to drive from Lomita to work rather than from my house in PV. It just seems like PV is so far away from freeways and everything. If Jack and I could set a date then everything would be fine because this would be my house too but until then, I take the route around Portuguese Bend and get on the freeway through San Pedro. I drive past this wonderful house with blue and white awnings on Walker Street and think that someday… I want to live in San Pedro. And even though our house is in Lomita, I have this strong feeling that someday I am going to live in San Pedro. Maybe not in that house but in that town.  Weird huh?

traffic woman drivingsan pedro house

The other day I was out mowing the lawn and the wheel fell off again, I went in to find the wrench that Jess had given me and when I came back, Jess was out in the yard just finishing tightening up the wheel. He is so sweet. We couldn’t have asked for better neighbors! It was Thanksgiving a few weeks ago and they invited us over for pumpkin pie and coffee one night after dinner. I think that Louise is probably the best cook I know besides my grandma. I love the way their house smells. It reminds me of  the smell of my grandma’s house a lot.

lawn mower fixed


I think that Christmas is going to be hard this year. I guess it’s always going to be kind of hard for Jack and I. My mom invited Jack’s dad again this year but he said that he is spending it with Rachel at his sister’s. I told Jack that he could go too. But he said he’d rather spend it with us. We bought his dad a nice watch. I told Jack that we should have him over for dinner right before to give it to him. He said that he thought that would be nice.

We have been going up to Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear and taking our cross country skiis that Jack bought me. We go and find perfect spots to skii and then come back to our cabin.

cross country skiingcabin in the snow


We have found this cute place in Lake Arrowhead with a little kitchen and it’s own bedroom. It is so much fun. I love Christmas. I hope that the memories of what happend won’t ruin it forever. I was happily surprised last weekend, I’d spent the day with Lori going Christmas shopping since she is home for Christmas break and it was dusk when I drove up to find the last touches to Jack’s putting up Christmas lights on our house. I had the happiest feeling in my heart when I saw it!

Christmas lights vine

Jack and I invited friends over for New year’s Day evening. This year it falls on a Saturday so that is why we chose that night and besides, everyone has places to go on New Year’s Eve. Jack seems happy and to be getting into the spirit of things. I was so worried that he’d be sad. But he seems okay. It is hard to believe that we have been engaged for a whole year!





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