praying man B&w

I am lost in your shadow

as I bathe in your tears.

You can’t have me now

so stop following me here!

future past present signs

I won’t be charmed

by your pleas and your sighs.

For my tears have cleared

the sight in my eyes.

You captured my heart

like  birds who fly into their cages.

bird cage

your words were like whispers

upon old folded pages.

folded page A

Your love haunted me

until I finally gave in,

But it was too late for us,

for… we began at the end.

Keri London


16 thoughts on “#62 YOU CAN’T HAVE ME NOW

      • You were one of the first blogs I did follow and I was captivated by your story. Possibly some of it because I could relate to your pain but mostly because I could relate to you! 🙂 Many blessings to you Di as you relive this time. It is very cathartic I’m sure to deal with this pain. Much love to you…Lorrie

    • Teresa
      Thank YOU for following and REALLY reading. I am so blessed to know you are my support system and because of that, I am motivated to keep telling my story.♡

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