An Explanation of this Blog… Before Entry #22

writing a blog

Before you guys read…  If you are just finding this blog… It is probably best to read my ABOUT page so you understand what this is all about…

writing tablests

A synopsis would be… that all of this actually happened and is all true. It is a peek into a young girl’s diary which began as an assignment in her High School English class but became a bittersweet keepsake for her decades later. A journal filled with an adolescent account of the journey of an innocent girl caught up in falling in love with a good guy, caught up in his own demons from his past, leading into a world of abuse and love and loss and second chances.

If you are really interested, it will make more sense if you go back to entry #1 and work your way up to catch up and follow.  The writer is Keri and the other names were changed also to protect the innocent or perhaps not so innocent.

In my book, I am going to place all of these journal entries right after this chapter… (BELOW*)  and then I will end the book in the same third person format… please let me know what you think about this….

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If you actually are following me and are reading this in order… I kneel before you in and bow in appreciation! Thank you for your support!!!!