FYI….Biggest Secret for Your Lack of Followers!

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I am so frustrated… I just tried to find another blogger that I would love to follow and they did not list their address on their BIO page!

Have you? A lot of people don’t realize it… but their link is not listed on their BIO page and they are missing a lot of traffic….

Soooo…  Do you know when you read a comment from someone and you click on their Avatar (picture/name) to get to their link to their blog? Well, some people have failed to link their address to their Avatar, which is their initial intro. It is like your front door to your blog… if people aren’t finding you already knowing your address.

I am not sure why wordpress does not make it a little more clear when signing up, because there are so many who still do not include their link to their blog on their avatar.

I really think that it should just be an automatic thing that is mandatory when creating a new blog… but so many still are missing it…


This is just a freindly quick reminder for those of you who still have not figured out that you need to post your wordpress link to your avatar. (picture/name) here on your blog! I have recently tried to return the favor and find some of you who have come on to my blog and cannot reply or respond to your comments or visit your blogs because I cannot find you.

I have inserted a great tutorial below that a friend of mine made about how to insert your blog’s address.

Just for Your Information!

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