Journal Entry #25 The Soul Never Forgets



Dear Journal

I went exactly four days before I gave in. Sorry to give you the spoiler before I tell you the story but I kind of have to start at the end and then go back to the beginning because I haven’t written here for a while.


composition book

Side note:

*You see, as I enter my writings here on this thing we call a computer, several days and sometimes weeks may have gone by in the journals I have found and am working from, so please bear with me…

Back in the days when these were written, there were no computer documents, and files were just the ones they used to keep in a drawer. The stack and stacks of books that I have here are all different, some are leather bound, some are just those black and white composition notebooks, the ones still sold in the stationery section of most drugstores. They were all dated and most were initialed by Mrs. Walker and handed back.  A few continued long after Mrs. Walker’s classes ended but not all were kept. I am thinking that we tend to try to throw out all traces of what hurt us….  so that may be why there are gaps and why it is confusing and why I must work from memory here because…..

some things a soul can never forget. Not even many decades later).

composition pile of          more to come….