The Friend Request

Jack? Jack! Her heart pounded. She sat still and reread the message over and over. She remembered when she used to imagine what it would be like if she ran into him. In the beginning she’d penned a few scripts in her head about how she’d tell him off. But then a few months right after they’d broken up, she and Laurie ran into him at the mall after a modeling job she’d just come from. She knew that she looked good and Jack looked so sad when they spoke. She never said any of the cruel things she’s planned. Perhaps it was because of how sad he looked, and for a split second, she felt as if she might even weaken and give up her resolve. Or maybe it was because Laurie was there and she’d come so far moving on, she stuck to her guns and remained strong as they shared a polite generic exchange, never giving him any encouragement for more, not even a hug. She turned to watch him walk away as she fought back the tears. So much emotion filled her at that moment. She wanted to run after him but she stayed stoic, wiping a tear from her cheek with her sleeve. Laurie asked “You okay?” She remembered just nodding; afraid if she tried to talk she would burst into tears. And that was the last time she’d ever seen Jack.

computer screen frustration

Now she sat in front of her lap top frozen, with her heart in her throat. She read his message over and over again. It was early in the morning. Tim was on another business trip and her daughter, now at school was four hours away. She pictured Jack at twenty two and felt like she was nineteen all over again.  Thinking,this is all so surreal. She felt her heart pounding in her ears and without even thinking, she replied;

Dear Jack,                                                                                                                                                                          

Hi yourself.                                                                                                                                                                                        

 Of course I remember you! HOW the heck are you?                                                                                                           


Dear Keri,

I am good. I’ve been attending a Men’s Mentoring Group through my church and one of the things we are supposed to do is ask for forgiveness. I immediately thought of you and have looked for you over the years. I didn’t have a last name to go by until your name just popped up in a Classmates website. I immediately looked for you and found you on Face book and saw the pictures there and knew you were the same Keri. You are still beautiful.


7 thoughts on “The Friend Request

  1. This really tugged at my heart.

    The world we live in today, with so much access to people from both our past and present, is very difficult not just to comprehend, but also to safely navigate. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel somewhat overwhelmed, due to the fact that I am the type of person who seeks balance between having too much and not enough socialization, and who also longs to live at peace with people and also to be understood. Facebook is a part of my world, too, and naturally one more source of conflict. It seems like each tab on my laptop has the potential to serve as a Pandora’s box.

    I am so glad you are sharing your journey. So many of us will be helped by your insights.


      • Wow Theresa,
        What empowering words you speak. Ones I needed to hear as I question just how much to share. Not just here but in my final pages of my book. You nailed everything and why I am doing this. I may come back and ask you if I can use this as part of my intro!!! xoxo I just want you to know that I covet your words! Every comment is like a gift!
        I really want to write something that will act as a warning to not just the young girls who might see themselves in the one being abused, but in my research, I have landed in a group of women who have reconnected with their first loves and it is definitely a Pandora’s Box sitting innocently waiting to suck you in. The click of a key has changed many lives. I know many of them and the funny thing is… (not funny haha) that all the stories are so similar! They all are morally strong woman who would never in a million years picture theirselves in the situation they are in today. It literally blindsides you how fast things change. I can only share my story but there are hundereds that I have connected with over the last few years. You wouldn’t believe. THAT is why I felt I needed to tell the story to the end.

  2. What a kind thing to say! I would be honored!
    I also want to say that I am not surprised that even strong women have stumbled. I am discovering as I age just how numerous and varied my vulnerabilities are. Sometimes, as I stumble along, it is downright humiliating. This will not only provide women with guidance, but might even help them and ease their pain if some are suffering with guilt and shame.

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