I hand you my heart as it hangs from my sleeve

young kids sitting on a ledge
I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in love with the past
that everything that was supposed to be, just couldn’t last
I tell you that my heart is cold and my soul is numb
and that what we once had, well, was just me being dumb

couple riding piggy back

I try to tell you things that I don’t really believe
As I hand you my heart, as it hangs from my sleeve
I continue to rant about my love for the past
and the way it all rushed by far too fast

couple sitting together

I was in love with THAT time of life not really you
I don’t want to be cruel but then maybe I do
For there were times yourself, when you weren’t very nice
and you came back to hurt me not just once but now twice!
So I’ve come back to hurt you first, here instead
And ask you nicely to get the hell OUT of my head!

Keri London 2015 ©

10 thoughts on “I hand you my heart as it hangs from my sleeve

  1. WOW! Powerful stuff here my friend. So eloquently said as well, “Perhaps I’m in love with the past” is a real huge sentence. Sometimes I think we all feel that way when we hang on too a particular time in our life that brought us joy. . and sometimes forgetting so much pain came with it. xo 🙂

    • Hey Debbie,
      Tried to get back into the book and this was my way of doing it. I think I am in anger mode right now. Really sinking my teeth into the reality of how a lot of people in my life, have made it SOO all about them and it is as if I finally turned the light on and realized how I’ve been caring way too much about the feelings of the manipulators!

    • YOU my friend are such a good writer of the past! I am right there in your kitchen or in a conversation with you! One thing that I really love about your writing! But I know exactly what you mean. Our head takes way better pictures to store in pretty little boxes with a lot less accuracy than I know it actually was! Thank you for taking time to read! It means a LOT!

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