Inside My Memories


City lights and jazz in the air

the smell of smoke in my hair,

the first scent of a lit cigarette

are memories I just can’t forget.

city view with bridge

Coppertone still fills my head

reminds me of things you said.

beach chairs

A time of day still makes me smile,

our hearts store them like a file.

Forgotten like a vapor’s mist

don’t mean that they don’t exist.


 A song or smell has a knack

of snapping us so quickly back,

at any given time you see

I can find you in my memories.

Ah, yes the smell of smoke in my hair

I close my eyes and find you there.

floating face

Keri London


I originally wrote this one  on my   blog today, but really felt that it belonged here.


7 thoughts on “Inside My Memories

  1. Side Note* Keri London is my character’s name on my blog: and this poem reflects that work. I am currently STUCK. Have finished the bones of that book and need to go back and edit so I can send it to a real editor and kick my butt into getting motivated again. I let life, work and being “stuck” get in my way. What I am afraid of is… is that I know editing means pretty much rewriting the whole thing! So I write these poems telling myself I am going to use them in my book… by the time I am ready to submit anything, I will probably have enough poems for a book all of it’s own! LOL. Thanks for reading and for my loyal readers who read both… you know I love ya!


    di/aka keri

  2. … I published 2 books there. Easy as pie. Read their little guide on setting up the ePub. Once you have it there you can shop it around with “real” publishers … But like musicians, writers can go far in the virtual world. It’s all about promotion. Check out Jennifer Eaton’s blog (I’ll send you the link) She just got picked up by B&N, she’s been at it a while, written several, and only aspires to write. I realized I write to share. I don’t have the discipline to sit like a David Balducci and write all day. If I did I’d be a computer programmer. Much more lucrative. 🙂 Remember the song from Sunday school -This Little Gospel Light of Mine – What good is your book under a bushel ? Capish?

  3. You had me at:

    “A time of day still makes me smile,

    our hearts store them like a file.

    Forgotten like a vapor’s mist

    don’t mean that they don’t exist.”!!

    This is amazing!! It took me back to my own memories!!

    So lovely, Diane!!!

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