Just Like Magic

older couple at the beach

I never thought I’d feel like this again,

And yet…Nothing has changed~

For once again it is about your pain.

couple in back seat

You asked me to forgive you and so I did.

For after all I said, we were “just kids.”

sad couple on beach

Forgiveness is such a simple word,

almost like a magical choice,

an eraser that removes the memories,

of all those times you raised your voice.

Or the silence of  a hundred nights,

from the aftermath of a thousand fights.

Just like magic and POUF it’s gone.

A simple act that rights all wrong.

I might have been able to forget but in the end,

You made it all about  you again.

sad man reading

Keri London


3 thoughts on “Just Like Magic

  1. Validating one’s feelings is a good thing – and a step toward healing. I love this, as it demonstrates (contrary to how you might feel about your feelings) that you have the desire to love and forgive, lest you would not be pondering your thoughts but rather, would settle in a place of resentment, bitterness and anger. Love your writings!

    • Tina,
      I just wandered back to this blog to work on my book and found your comment! Sorry I missed it and thank you for taking the time to read and comment! So funny that I came upon it now when I am kind of stuck in anger mode again… I was just about ready to settle in and read this! LOL. Thank you!

      • Even more funny is the fact that I have not visited my blog in months and just decided to pop on here to even see if it was still up and running! You can email me any time, too! Good luck with your writing. It’s a journey, for sure!! xo! Tina

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