Wanderin Endlessly Backwards

looking back girl

Wandering endlessly backwards

as the songs we played still fall on my heart


Backing away instead of staying,

trying to make sense of what’s fallen apart

 sad break up

Knowing love’s not so simple ,

sometimes, more than words can describe

girl in the rain sitting

like running in the rain barefoot,

while others just stay inside.

looking out the window2

Keri London


The “YOU” inside my head

window seat girl

The shadows still block the light

and yet  sunshine flickers through.

When I wash my car, even now,

I always think of you!

washing cars

Why do my memories seem

like a valued work of art?

Why is it that yesterday

is still trapped inside my heart?

sad girl staring out window

Am I just in love with the boy

that I wanted you to be,

even though today,

you are but a stranger now to me?

couple at end of dock

It makes me wonder if I was just in love

with the “you” inside my head,

just a figment of my imagination

a mere fantasy instead…

peter pan never grow up

An escape from reality,

a place that I softly fall,

a love that I used to know

that meant the most of all?


Or was it ever really real,

that place I’d wander to…

The Neverland of make believe

where I thought that I’d find you?

Keri London