The Rooms In My Head

       sad girl staring out window

The rooms in my head are full.

filled with the pounding of my heart,

and the pain of yesterday.

girl in bed covered in cobwebs

And they are empty,

without beds or sofas,

without tables or chairs,

Seattle staircase

without you.

And yet,

you are there.

Like a vapor,


you haunt every corner of my heart.

I try to escape the scent.

I try to run far,

No distance,

nor miles…

jogger in the distance

no matter how far,

can help me escape.

YOU are in the rooms in my head.

shadow man

Keri London



I Still Go There Sometimes

Like a breeze the scent of the past fills me.

 Peeking through it’s window my heart sees bits of the story.

Blue house windows

And for that moment I am snapped back

to a place that makes me want to believe in happy endings.

And I find myself stuck between reality and pretending.

window woman opening

 I must admit, that I still go there sometimes, that place in my mind,

Where we left that old house and all of our dreams behind.

sad woman reading a letter

when my life is in turmoil or I just want to believe

I wander back there through the door

but no one is there anymore…

door leaning

So I push my heart back and remember where I am now

and why I left then

and I believe in today again.

clouds of joy

Keri London