To Not Know Where You Went…

Some days I can wake up and…

you won’t be the first thing on my mind

crying girll 

But slowly, as my day begins,

you are there as my heart rewinds

peeking through the front door

I still can’t go a whole day,

but now I can go several hours,

without my heart feeling  as if it’s been

scraped upon the ground

sad woman2

I don’t look for you as I once did,

But I don’t need to, you’re always there

lonely window

Though I don’t wander through your life anymore

It’s not because I don’t care.

I just had to find my way back to my life now

to find a way to let go somehow….

phone message2

Sometimes it’s harder to catch my breath

as your memory fills my head like a scent

And other times it is like a relief

just to not know where you went.


 letting go poem2

11 thoughts on “To Not Know Where You Went…

    • Hey Steve,
      So good to hear from ya!
      I started a new job and love it! But its been monopolizing my time and energy. Did my very first event all by myself with 150 people attending. Everyone seemed very happy.
      I am not used to loving my job. I can’t believe I waited this long to make a move. Was so unhappy for so long. I feel like a new person now.
      So as I get adjusted, I will find my way back here more. Thanks for asking!
      I’ve missed our chats.

      • I’ve missed our chats as well. So glad you are enjoying your new job. Didn’t catch what it is, but you sound very happy. I know what it’s like to be working in a place that makes me miserable. I’d like to just keep in touch whenever the mood moves us. Okay? So good to hear from you. Take care. We’ll chat soon, okay? and God bless.

      • I know. I’ve missed them as well. Didn’t know you changed jobs. What are you doing now? Sounds as if it might be event planning or something.

    • I just am now finding some of these comments! YES~ on both counts! Thank you Jen. I love my new job and I think my book is finished! For the first time, I feel it is complete. A lot of editing ahead, but the framework is there and now the drywall needs to be installed so I can’t remodel anymore! LOL!!!!

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