It’s Like A Do Over

Brynne handed the laptop to Jamie who’d remained quiet. After she read their conversation she looked concerned. She opened her mouth to say something as Keri raised her hand in protest, feeling ganged up on and said “Believe me, it is perfectly innocent. But imagine how it must feel for me to be able to get to say everything I ever wanted to after three decades!” It’s like a Do Over!” Both Brynne and Jamie looked unconvinced. When Keri returned home a few days later, she found a pretty lengthy email from Jack. It said that it was her turn now. That he knew that she had things that she wanted to say and he wanted her to be able to say anything and that this time it was all about her and THAT is why he’d found her to tell her that.

girl staring at computer screen

Keri was glad that they’d moved their conversation to email when they’d begun to get a little more personal. Though nothing out of line was ever said. She’d been very careful to remember to remove her signature with all of her contact information attached before she pushed SEND each time she’d respond to one of his emails, remembering how Jack had stalked her at the end of their relationship all those years earlier. She didn’t think that she had anything to worry about but she was just being careful.

10 thoughts on “It’s Like A Do Over

  1. It is so much easier to see things when you are on the outside looking in. That elusive closure that presents itself like a window that opens and closes at it’s own will would be taunt me for sure. I could easily close my eyes to the voices that warned me; not just the voices of concerned loved ones, but the voice of reason in my own head. To be in that vulnerable position…this is not good. I see more pain in store. 😦

    • Theresa,
      The thing is, this all starts out for many of us as a “God thing” one is asking for forgiveness and the other is forgiving. The thing about forgiveness is that it gives you a HIGH like seeing how Heave must feel like… in a way. The release of the anger etc… mix that in with an empty nest and marital struggles… not really bad but a little in denial that everything is okay… and bring in a third party who ends up telling you that YOU are the ONE who got away.That no one loved him like you did. Each contact is more intense and what started out as purely innocent, blindsides both of you at just how fast it can all get out of hand. I was always very judgmental about liars and cheaters and all I can say is I have learned to drop my rocks and realize that that even I can end up behind glass walls living in a glass house!
      Hopefully my message will be a warning to those women unaware of how fast things can change! It was good for me to realize that not everything is that simple. Thank you my friend for following me through this story! I plan on working on the ending now.

  2. Well, I surmise she had plenty to worry about. Honest intentions can easily get misconstrued when the human heart is involved. It can get quite sticky. Been there! 🙂 xo

  3. Hey Debbie
    yeah it is not going to be the kind of story that anyone can relate to unless they have been there in some way or close to that path. I’m hoping that my story might help to detour anyone headed in that direction.

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