Southern California

Bio: Hi my name is Keri.Though, everything that I write about actually happened, in the 1970s I am sharing it with you chronologically, as I recall it today. ************** As I begin this blog, I am in High School and my English teacher, Mrs. Walker has given me this assignment to write in my journal everyday. Which is pretty easy for me because... I want to be a writer! And well, that is kind of how I got into her class. Last year she put me in her Independent Study group after reading a lot of my poems. I had to pass her class the first year with an A and last year... all I had to do was write poems. It was pretty great. She taught me about timing and cadence and I got to study different styles. **************** This year she has decided to give me a different assignment and it's this journal thing. The other day, she told me that "Our lives are like books, everyday we write a page." She's told me that she has filled a lot of books in her life but that mine still has many chapters left. For now I am writing by recalling the author's memories as she uses me to tell it to you. Though I may just be a character in her book. ************ The actual author of this blog is writing a book about her memories of being in an abusive relationship that started in her teens. Another author friend suggested that she write in the first person from Keri's point of view and so please understand that all correspondence will be read and answered by Keri from her semi-fictional point of view! Thank you for reading!

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121 thoughts on “About

  1. This seems like a very interesting blog, I am glad that I found this here! Looking forward to reading through the posts – Michelle

    • So Sorry, I have been away for quite sometime. I am just seeing these comments now. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! I promise I will be more attentive here!

    • Thank you so much!!!!!! I’ve been away for too long! Finding these comments make me very happy! Not answering sooner makes me feel so bad that you took the time to read and comment and I never responded!

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