The Rooms In My Head

       sad girl staring out window

The rooms in my head are full.

filled with the pounding of my heart,

and the pain of yesterday.

girl in bed covered in cobwebs

And they are empty,

without beds or sofas,

without tables or chairs,

Seattle staircase

without you.

And yet,

you are there.

Like a vapor,


you haunt every corner of my heart.

I try to escape the scent.

I try to run far,

No distance,

nor miles…

jogger in the distance

no matter how far,

can help me escape.

YOU are in the rooms in my head.

shadow man

Keri London


4 thoughts on “The Rooms In My Head

  1. Just reminding everyone that these poems are for my book. Not necessarily a place that I am in right now. I know that sometimes, friends read these and think… oh no…she’s stuck. But I’m not. I’m okay. I am just trying to figure out where the poems go. They may be a totally different book or I may just use pieces of them in every chapter… It’s a work in progress and so am I!

    • Thanks, I will try. Yes I agree. If only we knew then what we do now. I wonder if it would hurt any less? I really have to say I seemed just as helpless a few years ago when I found myself in a place of confusion. I didn’t have much wisdom kick in even after knowing everything I do now… well, until it did. lol.

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